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Pro Tip -How To Get Bitcoins For Free

Bitcoin Era is said to be gaining traction and is a potentially great long term investment. While you can always purchase bitcoins, there are also ways to get more bitcoins for free.  There are sites that would allow you to earn free bitcoins with zero investment on your part. This is definitely a great way to collect free bitcoins by making use of your free time daily.

Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins

Bitcoin Faucets

These are some of the sites that you get rewarded free bitcoins.You just have to spend a few seconds or a couple of minutes each day viewing ads or spending time on advertiser websites. You just claim rewards and then solve a captch then you claim your free bitcoins. The highest paying faucets are the following: FreeBitco.in, Moon Bitcoin, Cointiply, Bit Fun, and Bonus Bitcoin.

Paid-to-Clik (PTC) Sites

This may require more time to earn than the Bitcoin faucets but it is also equivalent to higher rewards. For each action you complete or for clicking and spending time viewing ads, you will get free Bitcoins. There are also no time limits or deadlines so you can watch ads over and over again to reap more rewards. Recommended sites would include: CoinAdder, BtcVic, Cointiply, Coinbulb, and BTCClicks.

Play Games!

If you find it a bore to be watching videos or visiting advertiser sites, then playing some games to earn BTC might probably tickle your fancy. There are mobile games and also web-based games that you can play. The more you play would also mean more BTC for you. In this method, you won’t feel like you’re working on tasks and the bonus would be earning bitcoins while having fun on an enjoyable and addictive game of your choice. Top recommendations would be the following: Bit Fun, Battle Coin, RollerCoin, Bit Kong, and Satoshi Quiz.

Gamble Your Way To Free BTC

As with any gamble, you either win or lose the game. So, you have to learn how to strategize and not put all your eggs in one basket. With these sites, you get a welcome bonus upon signing up and then you can use the starting capital to start gambling on the site. If some sites would require a deposit then you should look for a paying site that doesn’t ask for one. This poses more risks than the other options but with this method, you also get to win the jackpot! This would really depend on your appetite for risk then leverage on that. Sites that you can try are the following: BetKing, Bitcoin Rush, Bit Casino, Fair Proof, and Betcoin.

Shop and Earn BTC

There are Bitcoin cash-back services like Lolli that allow you to earn bitcoin while you shop online. All you have to do is download the browser extension and then enable your cash-back. You can now start shopping online with partner retailers and once your purchase is confirmed, you automatically get a cash back. You will be given crypto rewards straight to your Lolli wallet. You can send your BTC earnings direct to your bank account or to your wallet address. There is also a rewards system for referring friends to use Lolli.

Pei s a mobile app that also offers cash back. You just link your credit card or bank account to the app and then start shopping.

You do realize now that there are many ways to actually earn bitcoin online for free. While this may seem like just a catch phrase, the above paying sites would surely change your perspective on this. There are free ways to earn bitcoin and it’s as simple as just playing games, watching video ads, and shopping online.

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