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Pay Day Loan Scams: Threatening Phone Calls, Collectors Or Fake Collectors

At some point in time, we all have financial problems and are in need of a short term loan to pay bills, especially in the economy today. The most common tool used today is the Internet. People turn to the Internet for everything. Before you apply for a loan make sure that the loan provider is reliable. There are various providers that will claim that they will give you no collateral required for our unsecured personal loans, however, this might look like a lucrative option but make sure that you do a background check first.

The Internet is a helpful tool as much as it could be a harmful tool. Here is a story of a young man who we will call George. George was financially strapped and could not keep up with his bills. So, George turned to the Internet for a short term loan. He, of course, thought that this would be the best way to do this. He was unaware that there are some dangers in doing business this way.

He found a website with CashnetUsa.com They had approved his loan and the funds were transferred accordingly. At this point, things were going well. He was happy with the Internet. Which Internet does provide services conveniently?

About a month later this payday loan was paid the money was taken out of his account and all was well with the world. He thought everything was done once they got his money.

Wrong, about a month later he started getting phone calls from an unknown number that he did not recognize and the numbers kept changing. At first, he was ignoring them. After a while, he was getting perturbed with them so he answered. It was a man with an Arabian accent and very heavy. He could not even understand a word the man said. The man started asking him personal questions about him and told him that CashnetUsa.com had filed charges of fraud against him and he had all the information that was given to the CashnetUsa.com on the application. He did not give out any information or verify the information. George began to ask the man to fax him the charge and he would call him back to verify this information and the man absolutely refused he said that was “not company policy.”

Let me tell you if there is any type of legal action against you they should be able to send you something in writing. That is the purpose of subpoenas. Most creditors send you letters in writing first so you have the right to dispute the bill or not.

He got so frustrated with this man that he hung upon him. He then tried to call back on the number that showed up on his caller id. But to his shock, the message that was given was” the Verizon number has been disconnected or changed.” He felt just shocked. So his next step was to call CashnetUsa.com and when he spoke to them they knew about this man. They told George that this Pakistani man has been calling all their clients and that they were informed that a hacker hacked into their files and got personal information on their clients. They filed a charge and are investigating this to the fullest. They have advised him not to give out any information to this gentleman.

At the same time, he was advised that his bank card with a visa had notified them that his card number was on a list of cards that was hacked into. The visa bank card had been replaced 3 times. This is quite scary but beware it does happen. Do not think it cannot happen to you cause it can.

Remember, buyer, beware…

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