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Parc Esta Condo: Is It a Good Buy?

Parc Esta Condo Overview

Parc Esta condo offers wide variety of benefits to unit holders. From good location to impressive amenities to convenient lifestyle, this property is ultimately worth investing for. If you always drive to the city of the landmark in the east, you would know that there are e main ways to get there. You may consider taking the east coast parkway, take the Changi road into the Geylang Road or take the Pan Island Expressway. Despite the fact that there are several traffic lights in Changi Road, it is still the easiest and the shortest path to take. In addition, along the way, you can experience the landscape scape going to the city. And with the development of Parc Esta condo, there will be a new diamond in the city that everyone will certainly love.


One of the best things about Parc Esta condo is its location. Aside from the fact that the property is located beside a road, the Changi airport is just a few minutes away from the condo and the Raffles place is just 7 stations away. As such, this this property is ideal and perfect for those people who work in the city and for those who always travel. There is no also worry about commuting as it only takes 27 minutes to reach the Raffles place.


Surely, when looking for a condo to buy, one of the major considerations that you look for is the facility. Since the sheer scale of this development is massive, the facilities of Parc Esta condo are designed in an extensive manner. In typical condos, all the facilities can be found in one area only. But in Parc Esta Condo, the facilities are subdivided into 3 parts. These are the West Parc, East Parc and Grand Parc.

Grand Parc

The Grandn Parc of the condo connects the entire property to the outside world. In this area, you can find the central arrival court, and a series of lounges. The main function of this area is to impress all the visitors and elegantly welcome the residents back home. Since Par Esta is a new launch property, a lot of residents and people who live near the development will surely be enticed and amazed by the impressive designs, styles and interiors of the condo. Another thing that is located in Grand Parc is the Koi pond.

East Parc

The East Parc is where relaxation and bonding with families will take place. East Parc is also ideal for those residents who want to get away from all the kids. This area is made up of 50 meters lap pool, sun decks, Jacuzzi and wide variety of activities designed for adults. Since this area is designed for people want to relax, it is ideal for people who work hard on weekdays in the busy city outside the property. You no longer have to travel outside and go to a resort if you want to relax, Parc Esta got it for you already.

West Parc

Last area but definitely not the list is the West Parc. If East Parc is for the adults, of course, kids should also need a place where they can totally enjoy and have a good time. Since Parc Esta is a massive development, it is certain that there will be more families who will live there and so more kids will be in place. This is the reason why the developer considers creating a place for kids. This area is consist of children’s playground, party pavilions, family lagoons and among others.

Units Available

Basically, there are 4 show units available to view. These are the 1 Bedroom + Study, 2 Bedroom + Study, 3 Bedroom + Study and 4 Bedroom Premium.


Overall, it is fair to say that Parc Esta is a good buy and definitely worth investing for. With its strategic location, impressive amenities, spacious layout, convenient lifestyle and worthy value, Parc Esta is certainly a good choice. If you are interested in buying unit for this property, it is still important to carefully consider all the necessary factors before coming up with a final investment decision.

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