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How to Gain the Edge When Showing of Your House

In a typical “buyer’s market,” the seller of a home is already at a disadvantage, faced with increasing competition. If you’re selling your home, give yourself the edge and make your home shine when buyers walk in!

Here are some tips to make the most of your showings. Remember first impressions are important!

Have you ever walked into a smoker’s home if you’re a non-smoker? Or you might not have pets, but a house you were visiting did? Chances are the first thing you notice when you open the door is the smell. Get rid of odors, steam clean your carpet, light candles or bake bread. Make your home inviting.

A fresh count of paint is economical and can really freshen up your home. Remove outdated wallpaper, and paint in neutral colors. Hot pink isn’t for everyone.

Here are some more things that you want to do to make the most out of your showings.

Check faucets and light bulbs. Dripping faucets can annoy people, not to mention buyers might question if something is wrong with the plumbing. Make sure your light bulbs aren’t burnt out, when your agent flips on the light switch, you don’t want people to be in the dark.

Check out the cabinet and closet doors. If they stick, make sure they don’t for your showing. Buyers will want to peek inside, make sure they can with minimal effort. Tidy up inside as well. The residential houses in the Pasir Ris Central are well-furnished. The rates of the houses will be low in comparison to other residential houses in the area.

Think safely. You learn to live with roller-skates on the stairway, or that slippery rug in the living room. People that have never been in your home won’t know they’re there. Try to make your home less dangerous for any incoming buyers.

Wash your windows and let the sun shine in. Bright, natural sunlight can really light up your home. Don’t open the curtains to reveal filthy windows. It will be a deterrent! If your buyers are coming in the evening, or at night, light up all your lights. Yes, your electric bill will run a little higher, but you want your home to be inviting, remember?!

Usually it’s best if you, the home seller, aren’t home when there is a showing on your house. Sometimes things come up where you have no choice but to be there. If this happens, it’s okay, just remember the basic ground rules for being home during your showing.

Don’t have a crowd. During a showing is not the time to invite all of your drinking buddies over. Try to keep quiet, and stay in one spot. It is also not the time to crank up the radio, or have the television on loud.

Additionally, watch your pets. Try to keep your dog and cat either in a crate, or somewhere tied up temporarily to let the buyers walk through your home without being jumped upon, or tripping.

Relax and be yourself. Be available to answer any questions, but don’t go out of your way to become your buyer’s next best friend. They are not there to see you, just your house. Don’t apologize for the home’s appearance either; it puts a negative effect on the showing. Let your real estate agent handle any potential downfalls in your house.

If you’re selling, then the obvious is that you’re moving. During a showing is not the time to bring up the fact that you’re having a yard sale the following weekend, or need to sell the couch.

Let your agent do all the talking for you, it’s your job to make sure your house is up to par and clean. Do your best to get the most out of your showings, that’s what is going to sell your house!

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