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How to Break Off an Engagement in a Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships test relationships to the limit. But if you are also engaged then there are extra pressures to contend with as you try to make a success of the relationship and plan ahead for the wedding. If the long distance relationship is not working, you must take steps to either repair the relationship or else break it off before the wedding.


Once you are certain that you no longer want to remain in the long distance relationship you must let your fiancé(e) know of your decision rather than carry on as usual. This may sound straightforward, but it can be hard to accomplish. Nothing will be gained if you are dishonest with your fiancé(e) and you carry on as usual by professing your love and willingness to get married. It is cruel to continue to lead your fiancé(e) on when you know that you want to end the long distance relationship. But being honest does not mean that breaking off the engagement will be any easier

If the stress of being apart made your love grow cold over time then inform your fiancé(e) that you found the long distance relationship much more challenging than you had anticipated. Have you met someone else? If you have developed feelings for another person, it is best to put those feelings on hold until you are no longer attached to your fiancé(e). Write a letter, call your fiancé(e) or arrange to meet in a neutral location where you can discuss what has gone wrong.

Cancel the Wedding Plans

It is not enough to just tell your fiancé(e) that you no longer want to marry them. You must also take steps to cancel any wedding plans that have been made as soon as you can. If you are able to let your fiancé(e) know of how you feel before any wedding plans have been made, then that is even better. It will save you both a lot of money on the wedding. Some people only partially end the relationship, hoping that this will be a kindness to their fiancé(e). But it is not going to help and it will give your fiancé(e) false hopes. Once you decide to end the relationship do so completely so that you can both adjust to your adjusted status and move on.

There is no doubt that ending a long distance relationship and an engagement is not easy to do. But it is a kindness to your fiancé(e) to let them know as soon as you are certain of your feelings. If you fail to do this, you will cause more hurt than you had ever intended. The cancellation of the engagement can be done due to cheating of a partner. Like in the marriages, I can track the location of my husband and spy on my husbands cell phone without touching it.


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