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How Should You Maintain Briquettes For A Fuel Source?

If you are a native Estonian or Scandinavian, you would know the demand for heating
systems and fuels around the year. Do you know how much the use of conventional fuels is
polluting the environment? Several of them, like coal and gas, are even hazardous for
human health. Looking for solutions, briquettes were found to be the suitable alternates to
help reduce the harm while proving efficiency. If you intend to switch your resource,
maintaining them for durability is one major factor. Check out these tips to make sure your
supply lasts long around the year.

1- Purchase from a reliable vendor
For guaranteed products, the manufacturing should be of the highest quality. Many
Estonian briquette producers as PUU24 have authentic producing policies without any
artificial interference. The briquettes are made with pure heat-treated sawdust using
German hydraulic compressors to bring out compact blocks. Since they don't contain
moisture more than around 7%, they remain relatively fresh. Ensure the production process
of the supplier before switching to the use.

2- Make dry space for unloading 
The briquette suppliers have products in square and round shapes. They are compact and
handy blocks and pellets with 10-12 pieces per packing. The suppliers request the borrowers
to provide dry and hard soil for unloading the blocks as their delivery is in huge number. You
must make sure the area is not grassy and wet to avoid early damage. Additionally, make
sure to collect and store them without risking extended exposure to the cold environment.

3- Store the lot properly 
Briquettes don't require any special boxes or restricted temperatures to be stored. Make
sure you keep them in a dry and moisture-free region to ensure their high efficiency.
Briquettes are one of the versatile and easy-to-use fuels. They can be used in both heating
and cooking applications. Maintaining them properly ensures their efficiency for the

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