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Hot Weather Fixes for Thigh Rub, Sunburn, Self -Tanner Streaks and Frizzy Hair

Summer brings it’s own brand of fun and foibles. The hot weather that beckons us to come outside play also creates painful thigh rub caused from wearing shorts and having legs rub together when we walk. We get sunburned if we expose our skin to the sun without protection and self-tanner streaks if we try to skip the sun and tan indoors. And our hair frizzes de to humidity to so relegate it to a pony tail or hide it under a hat for most of the summer. Is there a way to fix to these hot weather foibles? Read on and find out.

Fix and Prevent Thigh Rub

Shorts, sweat and walking cause friction at the point where thigh rub together. Ouch! Thigh rub, chaffing, heat rash, etc., can be quickly fixed by gently cleansing the area, applying baby powder or corn starch and wearing longer shorts or pants for a couple of days until the rash heals.

To prevent thigh rub from happening (or reoccurring) generously apply a glycerin based lotion on thighs before donning shorts. Glycerin protects the skin while allowing thighs to glide past each other without friction.

Calm Sunburn Pain

Oops! You forgot to apply sunscreen and now your skin’s on fire after a day in the sun. take a couple of aspirin to ease the inflammation and get into the coolest location you can find. Moving to the shade will get you out of the sun, but the heat will encourage the sunburned skin to swell and do even more damage. Move indoors to an air conditioned room to minimize the sunburn damage and pain.

Remove Self-Tanner Streaks

So your bottled tan looks really good, except for a couple of streaks on the palms of your hands (or some other small location). To remove the self-tanner streaks spritz the streaks with Windex or a similar window cleaner. Wait two minutes and wash with soap and warm water. This fix will remove the streaks , but it will also strip away all the self-tanner color on that area, so be aware you could go from streaked to white-spotted and use this fix sparingly.

Tame the Frizz

Heat, humidity, chlorinated water and salt water can all the smoothest of hair to frizz. The afore mentioned hot weather foibles cause hair’s cuticle to ruffle and let moisture escape, leading to a frizzy head of hair. To tame frizz, apply moisturizing conditioner to dry hair and leave in before heading to the pool or beach. Re-apply when hair dries or apply sunscreen to hair.

To prevent frizz, give your hair a weekly deep conditioning during the summer by combing a moisturizing conditioner into dry hair, then wrapping hair in a warm, damp towel. The warm moisture will create steam and allow the moisturizing conditioner to penetrate hair shaft, smooth cuticles and stop frizz. You can also try the best laser hair removal in Brampton for more efficient wy of getting rid of unwanted hair in our body.

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