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Carpet Cleaning

Hints For Restoring A Pet Stained Carpet

Regardless of gender, a pet can truly be your best friend. Sure dogs carry the old cliché of man’s best friend, but any pet can really fill that empty wasteland in your heat. It is not so much the type of animal that you love, but rather the love you give that makes a pet special. On the other hand, some people may disagree and only be able to remember the oriental carpet they had to throw away; or even curse the beast every time they walk down the hall and see that circular darkened spot of carpet. Like all things in life…nothing is perfect and accidents are bound to happen. Luckily for you, I have a few sure fire methods of cleaning these spots.

The key to eradicating any stain, no matter what the viscous material causing the stain is made from, is time. The sooner you get to a stain, the easier it will be to clean. Now, I have three dogs at present time and I have cleaned more vial canine waste from my carpets than I can remember. I have tried every product that I can find at my local grocery and pet stores, but they are all pretty much the same when it comes to removing a stain. They are partially effective, but none can make the carpet sparkle like new.

As a personal preference I use Oxi-Clean that is free of chlorine. Purchase a tub of the powder; it can be used for a variety of items. You should also get a spray bottle and create a mixture slightly more diluted than the instructions on the box. Which ever product you use to treat a stain, method is key.

If it is a fresh stain, gather some paper towels and soak the area as dry as you can. You might think you can skip this step, but you shouldn’t if you want the stain to be gone. If the stain is old then proceed from here on. Get whichever stain removing product you have chosen, (preferably the Oxi-Clean) and apply a liberal amount to the stain. Make sure to saturate the stained area, the idea is to get the cleansing product to soak in as deep as the stain. This will also help with smell. Allow the cleanser to set for a few minutes and then scrub the stain and the surrounding six inches with a scrub brush.

Get some more paper towels and tamp the cleaned area dry. At this point, you should apply a small amount of clean water and dry again. As always, if you can’t fix it yourself, hire a professional. Most carpet cleaning companies can get out most pet stains, but sometimes they can’t and then it is time to graft a piece of carpet. (Provided that the spot is not in the center focal point of your living room – in that case, get an area rug to cover it.)

Grafting a section of carpet is actually easier than it sounds. Simply find a good piece of matching carpet, preferably a scrap piece from when the original carpet was laid. Part the threads in the carpet like you would make a perfect part in your hair and cut the base with a razorblade. Be sure not to cut the threads or your carpet will look terrible and obviously done by an amateur. Secondly cut a matching piece out of your scrap carpet in the same fashion. Lay the cleaned piece down in the hole and affix with you favorite carpet glue. At this time it would be good to have the entire carpet cleaned professionally so that the pieces match.If you can’t clean it, a professional can’t clean it, and some carefully placed decorative ‘camouflage’ rugs just won’t hide it. It is time to either live with it, or get new carpet laid. You may also want to consider to get a carpet cleaning services near me but you have to carefully evaluate if you need one or you will just do it your own to save some money.

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