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Spinal Stenosis

Help For Cervical Spinal Stenosis Pain

Pain caused by cervical spinal Stenosis can be excruciating, even years after surgery. The nerves and muscles are compromised, and in many cases, problems can recur. Prescription pain pills and muscle relaxers can be helpful, but they aren’t always the complete answer. The side effects of the drugs are sometimes worse than the original pain, and they don’t always work. Some levels of pain are so severe they can’t be touched by pain medications. When I’ve experienced this type of pain even morphine didn’t help.

I had surgery to correct cervical spinal Stenosis approximately six years ago, and a day doesn’t go by that I don’t experience pain. I recently overexerted myself when I was forced to pack boxes for an upcoming move. My prescription pain medications didn’t alleviate the pain, and I thought at one point that I’d have to go to the hospital. The left side of my upper back hurt terribly, the discomfort radiated up the back of my neck, and it traveled into my arm. This reminded me of the terrible pain I experienced when I first found out I had cervical spinal Stenosis, only now it was affecting my left arm instead of my right. I was afraid that nothing short of surgery would help. In order to Find Spine Surgeon in New Jersey NJ I did a fair amount of research. You can look at my search results as you click on this link. This is the list of some of the best spine surgeons that you are going to find in the New Jersey area.

A Visit to the Chiropractor

Some people dismiss the knowledge and expertise of chiropractors, and I used to be one of those people – until I went to a chiropractor for a spinal adjustment. I found out that chiropractors are fully capable of readjusting the spine, and they help people avoid costly and painful surgeries. For a mere $17 I occasionally had my spine realigned, and it helped tremendously. At the first visit, the chiropractor took x-rays, and even though I have cervical spinal Stenosis, he was able to treat my condition.

When I recently experienced discomfort on my left side I was desperate for relief. I went to the chiropractor, and he determined I had an axis problem. Apparently my head wasn’t aligned properly with my spine, and that was the source of my excruciating pain. The chiropractor had me lay on a special bed on my right side, and he preceded to readjust the axis. This provided some relief, but it took days to completely recover.

Ice Packs

Sometimes heat helps those who are hurting, but I decided ice would feel best. During my days of recovery, I placed sealed ice packs on the back of my neck and cervical spine. The ice helped tremendously! Not only did it take away the discomfort of cervical spinal stenosis, but it also reduced internal swelling which took the pressure off of the nerves. The pain in my arm went away, and I’m almost back to my old self – not my old self before I discovered I had cervical spinal Stenosis, but well enough to function without the continual pain.

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