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Have You Heard Of The New App Sensation Songify?

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” – Victor Hugo

Very true words; music is an essential part of our lives. There are various kinds of things which humans do in order to relax or unwind or just have a good time. Listening to music is certainly one of the best things to do here. Some people even like listening to music while working on something or while travelling or just while doing chores around the house. If you want to, these days you can create your own favourites or playlist which can play one after the other while you concentrate on your work. 

There are several apps and software out there which help you select and save songs of your liking. Songify is one such nifty music app. 

  • What is Songify?

Songify is an app that acts as a music player. It was created by the Gregory Brothers, who are creative geniuses who came up with Auto-tune. They also have successful YouTube channels like “The New Series”. This is the first app they developed and it’s a worldwide hit. This app is a must-have for all artists and music lovers.

Songify is compatible with major operating systems, including Windows 10 systems, Xbox One and any phone with a Windows OS.

You can use this app to store your favourite music, discover new artists, get full albums of your beloved bands or singers and even find what you like via YouTube. 

If you would like to store any of your favourite songs on your phone or PC, you can use the download option. This will allow you to automatically save the song you play on the app into Mp3 format, on your phone. This option is available on almost all the songs on Songify. 

You can use this app on your Android phone or you can also go for Songify for PC and use the app on your computer or laptop. 

  •  What makes Songify different from other music apps?

The best and most amazing feature of Songify is that you can make your own songs here. Record whatever you want and add autotune to it if you want. Play it through Songify and add beats and music to it. Become a pop star in a matter of minutes with this cool app. The beats provided are catchy and the final result is always clear and of good quality. If you want, you can also buy beats off the app as a part of their in-app purchase offers. The app not only autotunes your words but it will also randomize and arrange the sentences and verses in such a way that it sounds like a song. You can also customize the lines and words as you wish or just go along with the automated result. Either way, it’s a lot of fun. This amazing app has opened doors to a lot of young budding artists out there. 

  • Connect with others

Share your playlist, discover new artists with friends and keep yourself updated with what others are listening to with this app. Songify can be connected to your social media accounts like email, Facebook and Twitter. Share your newly created songs or your favourite tracks with the world and get to know the music community better. 

  •  Good tech support system

While using the app, if you find any bugs or lags, you can immediately contact the app support team via email or their social media accounts. It has been seen that their team is quick to respond and really good at fixing problems in a short period of time. 

  • Explore your creativity

Since this app allows the user to record and create their own songs and music, it is a great forum to explore and develop your talents. You can just put in words or a poem you wrote and the app will help you turn it into a musical sensation. This way you can never lose a good idea. Just hit the record button and say what you have to say; who knows? It might just become the next top hit song. 

  • Discover other artists

Songify helps connect the whole community. Many young talents are trying to make it big or trying to make a name in the music industry. Through Songify, they can put out their music for the world to listen to. So, support your peers and you’ll get the same in return. You can also help each other grow popularity-wise. 

  • Already have a playlist? Add it to Songify

If you already have an elaborate playlist on Spotify and you don’t want to make a new one on this app, all you have to do is add your Spotify account to your Songify app. All your data, favourites, likes and playlists will be automatically added to Songify. Then you’ll be able to have it all in just one place. 

So, if all this sounds good for your use, head over to your app store today, download the app, make an account and get started. Alternatively, you can also download the SDK file for the app and run it through an emulator to help play this app on your PC. Just make sure that your phone has space and your Windows are updated to the latest version. It does not take up much space but it would need a bit of significant space as you’ll be saving songs and recordings or even download whole albums. 

Go ahead and try your hand at being a pop star today. 

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