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Good Bowling Alley in Rochester, NY

Hailing from Rochester, NY, I can tell you where some of the hot spots for fun and entertainment are. I am a teenager and me and my friends love to go out on the town and have a good time. One thing that we all love doing is going bowling, primarily very late at night.

The place that I would recommend going bowling is a place called Clover Lanes. It is located in Pittsford, NY (a town within the city of Rochester where I happen to be from). I recommend this bowling alley because it is a nice family-friendly atmosphere, so parents who want to take their kids out for the day to do something fun would be happy with going to Clover Lanes. Getting the best bowling ball for a stroker is also a good idea that would add to the fun and excitement in the game.

Some of the features that this establishment has include bumpers on the side of the lanes for the younger bowlers, a wide selection of bowling balls for people of all ages and sizes, a pro-shop where you can get your own customized bowling ball with some people who really know what they are talking about, over 30 lanes available so whenever there is open bowling there isn’t much of a problem securing a lane even during the busiest times. There is also an electronic scoring system, automated ball return, a full snack bar (Salvatore’s Pizzeria), full alcohol bar, video games, and several big screen televisions.

This bowling alley offers the ability to have leagues as well as give lessons to new bowlers. They also offer private parties (I would know as I went there when I was young for a friend’s birthday party).

For the younger generation teenage crowd looking for a night of clean, old fashioned fun, Clover Lanes is the place for you as well! They stay open on the weekends until very late at night, and sometimes they turn the lights off and put loud music on and turn all the televisions over the lanes on and it’s truly a blast.f Me and my friends have gone to Clover Lanes late at night to bowl a couple of games and we always have tons of fun.

Pricing for this bowling establishment is quite reasonable. For just $20, you can rent out a lane for one hour and play as many games as you can fit within an hour (depending on how many people in your party, usually about 2 or 3 games can be played). The price also comes with the electronic scoring, ball return, bowling ball of your choice, and of course bowling shoes are included as well. 

So if you are a family looking for a good time, or teenagers looking for something fun to do late at night that won’t cost an arm and a leg, check out Clover Lanes bowling alley sometime soon.

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