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Cooking Tours in Italy

When planning a vacation to Italy, tourists have an opportunity to have hands-on training along-side professional chefs and experienced family cooks by booking a cooking tour.
Depending on the offer of the tour company, guests can choose from 1-day sessions to a 7-day culinary tour. Tour activities vary from visiting street markets, cooking in restaurants or private kitchens, and wine or cheese tastings.

Bluone Cooking Tours

Bluone Cooking Tours has been organizing culinary vacations since its inception in 1995. Tourists can choose from a variety of guided tours such as exploring a Bologna food market and preparing dinner in a private home to a week-long stay at a seaside hotel, learning to prepare fresh fish.

Among the nine tour packages that are offered, Bluone also offers a customized culinary tour. On a customized tour, the guest decides what to do and where to go on the tour. Prices vary from $255 to $3,800.

Mama Margaret & Friends Cooking Adventures

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Mama Margaret & Friends want their culinary tourists to experience the passion for Italian cooking.

Mama Margaret & Friends Cooking Adventures schedule classes with both restaurant chefs and family cooks. Tourists have a choice of touring Northern Italy, Tuscany, Umbria and Southern Italy. Each tour includes a variety of activities to choose, ranging in lengths of stay and prices.

The International Kitchen

In 1994, American-based company The International Kitchen launched its first cooking vacation. Since then, it has remained the leader in organizing culinary tours in Italy.

Tourists can choose from a variety of vacation packages or 1-day-only cooking classes and tours. In addition to Italy, The International Kitchen also organizes vacations to France and Spain.

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