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Clash Of The Titans

There is stiff competition in the world and everyone is more and more interested in pulling each other down so that they themselves can take the top spot. This has become a norm today and is going from bad to worse in the current times.

You can find numerous examples of companies in which employees engage in office politics and rivalry boils over to the extent of things spiraling completely out of control where people do more than exchange of words and hurling abuses.

It is quite well known that clashes lead to nothing but hatred and destruction but it is never more evident than business and political rivalries where people can get away with murder and no one can dare point a finger at them without facing the consequences.

While this is a more serious topic when it comes to rivalries, today we shall discuss about healthy competition in a very playful manner and it is not related to school kids or toddlers fighting over toys or food.


When it comes to children, they are fond of many things at that age and one of them is video games. Yes, you can have children do your bidding if they are bribed with chocolates or some of the best games in existence.

Just the very thought of Xbox 360 or the latest PlayStation has their mouth watering with glee and they are even prepared to kill for it. I mean, why not? With games like super Mario, Contra, Claw, grand theft auto, etc. to name a few, any child at that age can get carried away and I, the author, am a living example of that.

When I look back at my childhood, I realize how simple, innocent and beautiful things were in those times when there were no smartphones or social media advantages like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and other facilities to enjoy.

No, what we had were comic books, cricket and soccer, basketball, hide and seek, video games with joysticks and so many others. Indeed, it does unleash a wave of nostalgia and never fail to bring a lump in my throat and leave me dry eyed.

Royal Clan

Also, when it came to choosing the best game in town, many of us friends would fight it out and vehemently claim that our favorites are the best while the rest stand nowhere near them in terms of novelty.

Even today, things are no different as many people have their own preference when it comes to games, the most prominent ones being the competition between Clash Royale and Clash of Clans.

They are very different from each other and yet, like all others, have their respective fan groups fighting it out amongst each other to prove that their favorite game is head and shoulders above the rest.

Why so? What makes them so unique? What all qualities do they have that other games lack?

But first, let’s get to know more about them so that it can give a better idea on how to proceed further.

Comparison Factor

To begin with, both are mobile games and very relatable in nature and are creations of the same company which is called Supercell. So this underlying factor makes the comparisons more interesting.

It’s like asking a mother which of her two sons is her favorite and we all know that no matter how hard parents claim that all their children are equal for them they do have a secret preference which they never let slip.

Similar is the case here where both Royale and Clan exist in the same world with similar characters. Royal Clans is more about strategic planning whereas Royale is all about defense mechanism where it seeks to destroy its enemies.

So given the circumstances, it is difficult to proclaim which one is better as they both have their fair share of benefits and limitations but, as in other fields, they have their loyal set of fans who keep fighting amongst one another and that alone is enough to grant them an everlasting legacy.

For more information regarding both games, you can log onto https://clash.world/deck-building/best-clash-royale-decks/ and understand it in a detailed manner with all the finer points explained from start to finish. It is a favorite spot for the fans where they get to learn more things about both games.

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