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Bitcoin- The Aftereffects on Ethereum

Technology is a very complex structure with many layers and surfaces. It can be studied and analyzed through different permutations and combinations but the end result is always different for everyone.

The one aspect of technology is that it is very interesting and intriguing at the same time. It is one that can neither be explained nor understood in mere words with no simple language to decipher.

It requires painstaking research to study, analyze and summarize into the mind and a lot more difficult to explain into words to a public, especially younger folks, whose main source of interest is entertainment and studies and technology are the very last things on their minds at that age.

The younger generation of people are more modern, very outspoken, never hesitate to speak their mind and much, much more of their surroundings than their parents and forefathers were in their respective times.

You can see that this generation of people take to the mobile phone and modern gadgets right from a very young age like ducks to water. With technology becoming more and more advanced with the gradual passage of time the gadgets have become more and more complex to understand and operate for the preceding generation.

The youngsters are more interested in the practical aspects than theoretical study and bookish language full of jargons that are beyond their comprehension. While the internet and advanced gadgets catch their fancy and pique their interests to such an extent that they become obsessed and addicted to it.

They do not want to look beyond their comforts and desires but yearn to start earning at the same time so as to meet their ends. What’s more, they are quite successful in doing so and with absurd ease.

But how do they do it? How do they, without getting the required grades to qualify for influential posts in corporate organizations, learn to stand on their own feet the moment they are free of school with necessary basic education?

Quite simply, today’s lot have the knack of turning the toughest of situations and circumstances by turning it into their favor with the drop of a hat. They are natural in creating opportunities on their own rather than waiting for them.

The simple theory that the new age kids have adopted to survive is to turn their interests and passions into their careers. They are no longer at the mercy of the convent system of education where schools are nothing more than prison cells where teachers are the jail wardens and the principal is the jailor.

They start working for their passion right from day one in order to convert it into their career so that job feels more like picnic and the employees are their own friends and quite chilled out at work stations.

The young folks are fortunate to be born into the new era of the 21st century with the advent of digital revolution and social media playing a vital role in helping them out in their career choices with a more exciting and lucrative offer than what the corporate and government jobs could ever give them.

One of the many methods that they have chosen is the bitcoin through which they can earn millions per day through digital currency and have been quite successful at it too.

The bitcoin era is a platform through which they maintain their public account that keeps a record of the financial transactions they have done through this innovative method.

Ethereum is a new platform that is a breakthrough in the internet era with newly created applications and a part of blockchain. It is very similar to bitcoin in uses and features but makes different transfers across the world simultaneously.

As bitcoin is lying on its deathbed with situation turning from critical to sinking, its quite possible that ethereum too may meet the same fate. Even its founder has predicted a decline in ethereum as just to replicate the bitcoin phenomenon, investors are squandering their money into a futile project that has been reduced to a gambling process.

Unless it chooses to reform its methods with safer and more secure measures, it is highly likely to meet the same fate as bitcoin.

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