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Best Insulation Option: Spray Foam Insulation

Due to the high insulation R values, spray foam insulations are really popular and effective way of insulating your house. In these spray kits, we use a Spray polyurethane foam that is created with the help of two highly reactive liquids. This reaction creates a foam that also expands as you mix them. If you are looking for somethingtostay in terms of durable insulation solutions, then spray foam is one of the best options that are out there in the market. You get a sealant and insulation liquid that is really long lasting and durable. As you apply multiple layers of this liquid you get an excellent air barrier and sealant.  

There are basically two types of foams that are used in this process. You have open cell foam that is less expensive than closed cell foam but also has a lower R value per square inch as compared with the other variant. This is the reason why you use this foam in multiple layers and this foam is more suitable to open spaces such as attics or ceilings.  

The other variant that you have is closed cell foam that is more expensive than open cell but you get much higher R value per inch. You also get a foam that improves the structural integrity of the building due to its rigidity and sticky properties.  

It has been observed that because of air infiltration approximately 40% of a building’s power is lost. This can be easily stopped with the help of spray foam insulation. You get an excellent air barrier with the spray foam. This way you can save a lot on your energy bills. Spray foam insulation is a really impressive alternative to fiberglass insulation. With spray foam, you also get heat barrier as all the cracks and voids are filled with the spray foam. The SPF that is used in this process creates a barrier that does not allow air, heat, moisture, and sound to penetrate through the walls of a building.  

According to a survey, people using spray foam insulations can save up to 15% on their cooling and heating costs. You can apply these insulations at places such as plumbing vents, open soffits, wiring holes, and windows and doors in order to create an almost perfect barrier for heat, air, sound, and moisture.  

Another reason why people prefer spray foam insulations over other insulation methods is that you get an excellent thermal performance with the SPF along with the highest R value per inch. R value is a unit in which the thermal performance of any substance is measured. This allows you to save more on your energy bills as compared to all other methods. The higher the R value of your insulation material you have the higher the heat resistance you get.  

These are all the factors that you should consider if you are looking for insulation solutions. You get excellent insulation with spray foams. You can hire professionals in order to used the spray foam process to insulate your house or you can even do it on your own if you are working on a small project. There are various DIY kits that are highly affordable and are available in the market easily. But you should always take all the safety measures as you are doing spray foam insulation at your house.  

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