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Affordable Meal Ideas for a Complete Family of Four

With the increase in daily living costs it becomes ever more important to budget the costs we can control, gas, rent, and to an extent electric are all things that are out of our control, but we can control what it costs to feed our families. That’s even if you want to enjoy a meal plans for vegans at home. Below I will list and detail three meals that I have found that are relatively inexpensive and feed a family of four or five. Estimated prices are that of the local Wal-mart Super center®. 

The first meal idea I received from a friend. You need a roll of smoked sausage (2.50), two cans of green beans (1.00), two cans of corn (1.00), and a can of diced potatoes (.50). You begin by placing all the vegetables in a saucepan and heat to boiling. While that is heating you cut the sausage into bite size pieces and then add it to the heated mixture. Heat a little longer and serve makes enough for a family of six. To this meal you could also make cornbread (Jiffy Mix.35 a box) Total cost for this meal $5.35 using one box of cornbread, I recommend using two boxes. Cost per person for a family of four, $1.34, family of six, $.89. 

Next meal idea Soup Beans, one package Great Northern beans (.79), one onion ( .79), package of diced ham (2.50), and Jiffy Corn Muffin mix (.35).Soak beans overnight in cold water, pick out bad beans and change water next morning. Cook on low in crock pot or on stove on low most of the day until beans are almost soft, add ham and cook until beans are completely soft and enjoy. Toward end of cooking time make cornbread using directions on box, bake and enjoy. Cost per person for a family of four, $1.11. 

Another wonderful recipe I use is Ham and Spinach Quiche. For this you will need two deep dish pie crusts (2.12), a box of frozen spinach (.89), diced ham chunks, (2.50) Shredded cheese, (2.12), a large onion (.79), and two dozen eggs (3.96). Now all of the eggs will not be used for this recipe alone, the cornbread on the other recipes use eggs in their ingredient lists as well, we are just incorporating the cost in this recipe. I start off with the spinach, I heat the spinach in the microwave until hot thru, do not add any water, because you want the spinach as dry as possible. While the spinach is cooking measure out 1 cup of ham chunks, one cup chopped onion, and one cup of cheese for each pie crust. 

Place the ingredients in each crust, when the spinach is done squeeze all the excess liquid from the spinach, if this is not done your quiche will be very watery even when cooked thoroughly. Divided the spinach in half and add to both crusts. In a separate bowl beat six to seven eggs until mixed, I usually use seven to make sure the eggs cover all the ingredients in the crust. Repeat this for the other crust. Bake in a 375 Degree oven for one hour or until a butter knife inserted in the center comes out clean, cut, serve and enjoy. Cost per person for a family of four, ($3.10). 

Now none of these recipes come with a play place like McDonalds but the expense on the family budget is defiantly less, and if you use these meal ideas the rest of the week you can save up enough to take the kids out for a treat later in the week. 

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