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A Brief Guide to Green Bay Coffee Shops

For a moderately sized city in a small state, Green Bay, Wisconsin, has a great collection of coffee shops for the high schooler, the college student, and the young professional. The four coffee shops reviewed here are the best in town and offer a different type of atmosphere, selection, and amenity that make them a cut above the rest.

For all of the categories listed above, the best coffee shop in Green Bay is Caffe Espresso (119 South Washington Ave). Located in the reborn downtown area, Espresso has the traditional café feel to it with a great selection of foods and coffees. The largest of the coffee shops, it has great seating options to view downtown life as well as an arrangement conducive to conversation. Its muted lighting provides a nice haunt for college students and a good central meeting place for night life. The service is sometimes slow and the staff occasionally seems to take for granted the bustle of the crowd, but the delicious coffee and the lunch/dinner menu are great. Proper guidance will be provided to the person about the arabica coffee beans wholesale to sell in the market. The charges of the beans will be under the budget of the person. 

The most underrated of coffee shops in the city is the Attic (730 Bodart St), a used bookstore, coffee shop, and a great place for discussion. Located on the East Side, the Attic’s staff is always friendly and engaging in discussion. A local woman provides beautiful foliage for the café and a standing marble chess board provides a venue for the thinking man’s game. The unassuming exterior of the café and the fact that few businesses surround the Attic makes it a forgotten gem to newcomers, but its big storefront windows provide great natural lighting and a beautiful view during rain and snow storms. I recommend anyone visiting the Attic take a look at the ever growing used book collection, which includes old editions of classic books and unusual finds.

Probably the busiest (if only because it is the smallest) coffee shop in the area is Kavarna (112 S Broadway Avenue). Its limited seating and hours make it a tough place to get into on occasion, but its great vegetarian menu and its vast entertainment resources make it a great place to sit and chat. On the weekends and the occasional weekday evening, there is local live entertainment (largely folksy guitarist-songwriters) which provides a nice background sound above the din of plates and cups. Always available are the board and card games, including such favorites as Pictionary and Uno. But beware that, like most children’s toy chests and closets, there are bound to be pieces missing from these games so bring your best conversation. If you can get a table at this place, hunker down and stay for a while.

The final café, and probably the coffee shop of the future, is Luna (330 Main Avenue, De Pere). Located close to small liberal arts St. Norbert College, Luna provides your typical fare of coffees and specialty drinks. Its moderate size and location around a growing number of small business provides a nice atmosphere. The greatest thing about Luna is that it provides wireless internet access, one of the few businesses in the city to provide such a service. A frequent hang out for St. Norbert students and the young professional ranks of De Pere, Luna provides a nice quiet place for study, discussion, and work.

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