Visit to Joyous Joshimath Near Badrinath in India

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Amazing Ideas For Enjoying The Beauty Of The Chiapas, Mexico

Mexico is constantly ostracized for many of the crises it’s facing (drug problems, subsequent kidnappings, economic inequity), but it’s also important to give it credit for some of the wonders [ … ]

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Home Security on a Budget

In these days where everyone is living on a tight budget, people tend to prioritize on what they really need. In terms of home security, only a few would only consider buying a security system for their homes. In reality, you don’t really need an expensive security system. You just need to change a few things at your home. We’ll start from the outside.

There are a lot of things that we should consider regarding the physical environment outside our homes.

First we should consider the placement of our emergency key. We usually leave our emergency key somewhere near the front door. That is a big mistake. Thieves and burglars know this beforehand. They will try to look for it around that door. The proper way to hide an emergency key is to place it away from the door as possible. Hide it in unnoticeable places that only you would know.

It is also common that we have our tools placed outside our homes. This can be a big mistake as well. These tools could aid the burglar in entering your house. We should think twice before leaving tools and other things outside our homes.

Proper lighting is also a key part of home security. A burglar would have second thoughts when your house is well-lit. Make sure to have lights installed on all the doors at the front and back. Also place some lights at the side if you think it can be vulnerable as well.

Apart from lighting, you can also try out the Battery powered security camera to make things better so that you can be alerted to the unwelcome presence of a thief or a burglar in the society not just in your house but of each and everyone in the surrounding area.

In line with proper lighting, you should also make sure your burglars have no place to hide from sight. This means trimming your bushes on time since these could provide hiding places for the burglar. Observe the place outside your home and look for things or objects that the burglars can hide in. You should make the proper adjustments in this case.

Our neighbors can also be a problem regarding home security. As you can see, the neighbors somehow have the idea of your schedule. He or she knows the time you usually go out and come back from work. A wise burglar could befriend your neighbor, pretending to be a salesman or a mailman. In doing so, the burglar would then find out when you are most vulnerable for a break-in. So how can we avoid this? You need to get to know your neighbor. Inform him/her about the risks of these impostors so that both of you can watch out for each other.

In terms of inside the house, there are minor changes that could definitely increase your security from burglars. First would be installing deadbolt locks in your doors. A normal door knob can easily be opened by the burglars. If you have deadbolts, that would cost him/her time. The next thing you should consider is having security locks in your windows. This again would be another obstacle for the burglar and would cost him/her more time. You should remember this important concept: The burglar would be hesitant when he/she knows that it would take time in robbing your house.

Now I have mentioned the important things that you should bear in mind if you want to protect your family and your homes without breaking the bank. These things wouldn’t cost you but it can definitely help you in the long run. These simple things can even save your life, and also your pocket.

Puppy Growth And Development

The first eight weeks of a puppy’s life are extremely important. Like humans, the growth and development varies a little from puppy to puppy, but they generally stick to the same pattern. Unlike humans, puppies go through changed very quickly. If you don’t know what to look for, you could miss an important milestone without even knowing it happened.

Week One:

During the first week of life, your puppy’s eyes will be closed and there won’t be too much movement. What wiggling and squirming going on will generally be the puppy trying to get to its mother. This week will be spent sleeping and eating. If they manage to wiggle too far away from mom, they will need assistance getting back to her. All of their nutrition this week will need to come from her.

Week Two:

During this week, you will notice the puppy’s eyes opening. They will still be completely dependent on their mother. They may wiggle around more, but still won’t be very sturdy on their feet. If they get too far away they will need help back. They are still eating solely from their mother.

Week Three:

This is a big week for your puppy. They start moving around more this week and will start playing a little. Giving them small toys will help stimulate them. They will still be feeding from their mother, but to give her a break you can start with supplemental feedings this week. Small amounts of wet dog food and replacer milk are good for giving mom a break, especially if she has a large litter. They also need their first worming this week.

Week Four:

This week the puppies should start eating puppy food easily but will still be nursing. They will be walking around much easier but will still trip and fall occasionally. They will also begin interacting with each other. They will chase each other, bite, bark and start wagging their tails. This is a good week to begin a grooming schedule that will follow them into adulthood.

Week Five:

You should begin adding dry puppy food into their diet this week. Small dry kibble should be added to help wean them away from an all wet food diet. This will also help them adjust for when their mother begins to wean them by the end of week five. You should also start interacting with them individually. This will help them learn to interact with humans and not just the other puppies. This is a very important step in socializing.

Week Six:

At six weeks the puppies should be eating puppy food. It may take some work to get mom to stop letting the puppies nurse but by the end of week six they should be completely weaned. They are also ready for their second worming this week. Just because the puppies have stopped relying on mom for food, doesn’t mean they are ready to go to their new homes just yet. For proper growth of the dogs, the products should be purchased from goodpuplife.com site. The checking of the medicines will be done in the laboratories through the experts for dogs.

Week Seven:

This week the puppies should be eating from a bowl. They are extremely curious now and are exploring everything. If mom is still trying to nurse the pups they should be separated. You would continue working with them one on one to help develop their trust in people. You should also be taking them outside for regular potty breaks. Starting early will help the potty training process.

Week Eight:

This week you should start getting the puppies used to their names and continue potty training. You can also begin leash training this week. Some people say that eight weeks is too young for the pups to be sent to their new homes for psychological reasons, even though this is the usual age for them to go. As far as eating and nutrition goes, the puppies are ready to be sent to their new homes to begin their new lives.

Moral Concerns Of Social Networking

Three questions will be addressed, the first will be, in what ways should making money on-line have limits and the ethics involved with it. The second question, what will be the major types of cybercrimes in the future, and finally, would cyber bullying be cut back if we all adopted popular netiquette. I will share my thoughts on each and the reasoning behind them. In the end, I hope that I have made a substantial point!

Making money on-line should be as free as it is in a store. There are stores available for all types of products, from food to sex products. The same should be said, without argument, for the internet, too. The reason is fairness in free capitalism. It is unrealistic for any successful company to do business in todays “flat world” (Bowles M. D. 2010 Intro to computer Lit. ), marketing online is essential, no matter the business. If only “acceptable” businesses outside the realm of the sex industry, for example, would be allowed to market online, the effects on those businesses would be severe. If that is the case, anyone not allowed to earn money online should just have official legislation to not have a business at all. As the long as the website has the proper security protocols to keep out minors, than the rest is up to good parenting!

Also, little did most of the people know, social media has changed the way we communicate. Nowadays, validation from other people are no longer real as people can now buy Instagram likes from BuzzVoice.com. Yes, likes and followers on different social media can now be bought online. This, however, has become a good side for businesses.

State laws concerning gambling, and the like, if it’s necessary to keep people from gambling in a state that doesn’t allow it, then all gambling websites functioning in that state should be shut down, and/or prosecuted. I said it before, if a business isn’t allowed to run their business in reality, such as a casino, it should be illegal to run it online, in this case in-state gambling.

Illegal on-line gambling may be one of the smaller cyber-crimes of the present day, but it’s the big crimes that we need to look out for. Cyber fraud is a very wide subject, which catches their victims off guard, making it a successful con. Most of the cyber-crimes of the future will involve electronic bank robbery, a more powerful or evolved ability to steal people’s identities, and perhaps even increased copyright infringement cases due to all the people who believe everything from the internet should be free. One of the first mistakes people have about the internet is that they can get anything they’re looking for, for free! It’s just not true, perhaps when there weren’t so many services available online, but now and into the future, the internet will become the main stream for revenue for most sales, making it an increasingly likely target for cyber-theft and fraud.

Cyber-bullying is worse than the everyday bullying that we are aware of from our childhoods. Today, if a child is bullied, that bully can reach them through their computer via FaceBook, Twitter, e-mails, or even Skype. Now, the bully can find their way into the victims home, making their only sanctuary anything but. Of course, the child being bullied doesn’t have to be on FaceBook or any social networking site, but by not getting these accounts, especially if the victim wants one, is the equavialnt to stealing an experience from the victim. So, with the computing world as it is today, if a bully wanted to take things to the extreme, they would have little difficulty achieving total fear from their victim. That, however, is the worst case scenario.

Most bullying that occurs is something that will happen no matter how many barriers are set between the bully and victim. Getting bullied or being a bully, is sometimes, just a fact of life that needs to be overcome head one by the victim. Otherwise, the results will lead to cyber bullying and in the worst cases severe physical beatings. The bottom line is though, bullyin happens every day and everywhere, regardless of the internet. People can only be responsible for their own actions and the consequences that follow, be it a cyber-crime or physical crime.

The Best Pokémon Games With Ties To The Anime

There are many games that were released based on the renowned Pokemon anime. In this article, we are going to list the best games that were released bearing the Pokemon trademark, and discuss the features and advantages that they have. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a game that is unique from all other Pokemon games. The big difference is its use of real world maps and GPS navigation to pinpoint your location. This information allows you to catch and battle with Pokemon on a digital rendering of your actual surroundings. Earlier Pokemon titles are confined to their own fictional region, but with Pokemon Go, the world is your limit. Landmarks such as malls, tourist spots, and other famous locations are transformed into Pokemon Gyms, shops, and more. This game promotes physical movement within the real world, so you will not just be confined in your room while playing. There are some Pokemon that can only be caught on specific locations, so you will have to physically move if you want to catch a very diverse range of Pokemons.

If you are just getting started in playing Pokemon Go and wants to get an account that already has some progress, you can buy an account from https://www.pokemongoaccshop.com/. That website features handmade accounts for a cheap price, instant deliveries, 24/7 customer support, and a lifetime warranty. Accounts are available for as low as $34.99 to as high as $199.99, with the account progress and included Pokemons varying depending on the cost of the account.

  1. Pokemon Red and Blue 

Pokemon Red and Blue is where it all started. This game has set the standards for the many Pokemon games that came after it, and a lot of the mechanics and features are still being used up to this day. The original generation Pokemons such as Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander have become the most iconic mascots of the franchise aside from Pikachu of course. This game also features the memorable Kanto region, which holds a very special place for most Pokemon fans. Originally released for the Nintendo Gameboy, you can still play this game today through Nintendo’s official store for their consoles and through emulation. Emulating a game has its legal implications though, so be sure that you own the original game cartridge before attempting it off since it can be considered as piracy.

  1. Pokemon Sun and Moon 

If you want a refreshing take on an old but effective formula, Pokemon Sun and Moonis for you. It’s lively, full of colors, and provides a somewhat distinct feel than the old Pokemon games. Regardless of all the new changes, it still feels familiar to veterans of the series. There are some mechanics and features that were quite different compared to other games. First, the Alola region is more colorful, with its own unique theme. Pokemons coming from the region are also very unique and unforgettable in their own regards. There are some questionable changes in the game though. First, the change from the typical gym battles was a little bit out of place and made Sun and Moon felt considerably sluggish to get started as opposed to the previous Pokemon game titles. In addition, the game doesn’t have much to do after you are done with the campaign. Take note that this does not certainly mean that this game is a terrible Pokemon game, it is just unique in its own way. The fascinating storyline and rich region of Pokemon Sun and Moon is worth playing. This game is released on the Nintendo 3DS console.

  1. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire 

This entry is a huge improvement to the previous incarnations of Pokemon games on the original Nintendo Gameboy and Gameboy Color. A lot of the mechanics and features remained untouched, however, there was massive graphics improvement attributed to the leap to the more powerful Gameboy Advance. The game introduced 2 vs 2 battles, Pokemons with varying Natures, and new abilities. The new Pokemon sprites are a great step up from the sprites used in the previous games, as the Gameboy Advance hardware allowed for more colors and animations.

Filing Bankruptcy Might Be Good For Your Credit

Here’s a fact: If you’re thinking about filing bankruptcy, your credit is probably down the drain as it is. Can bankruptcy make it worse?

Most people think so, but that’s not necessarily the case. Having a bankruptcy filing on your credit record does factor into the mysterious calculations that result in credit scores, but it can actually have a positive effect on your rating. Here are some points to ponder.

First, keep in mind that most people who consider filing bankruptcy are generally in pretty dire straights as it is. Often, they’re swimming in credit card debt, have high medical bills that aren’t covered by insurance, or they’ve lost their job. A borrower facing those situations is likely to have suffered a significant downgrade in his credit score. The Best Bankruptcy Lawyer San Diego will understand the need and requirement of the clients regarding the case. All the documents regarding the property should be disclosed to the lawyer.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also known as a straight bankruptcy or liquidation bankruptcy, usually results in the discharge (forgiveness) of most of that pesky unsecured debt. Unsecured debt is the type of debt for which you did not put up collateral to secure payment – like credit cards, personal loans, payday loans, medical bills and the like.

Negative information, like slow pays and charge offs, continue to show up in your credit record for seven years, although as time passes, negative entries play a lesser role in credit score calculations.

In general, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will appear on your credit report for ten years. While some unsecured debt, such as student loans, will not be affected by a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, most if not all of your unsecured debt will show up on your future credit reports as “included in bankruptcy” or “discharged in bankruptcy”.

What does this mean to a future creditor?

Bankruptcy attorneys and their clients have learned that it generally takes only about two years for a bankruptcy debtor’s credit score to improve substantially. Only two years. At the end of that period, if you’ve paid your remaining bills timely, you should be able to obtain credit at favorable rates. In fact, under Veteran’s Administration (VA) and FHA rules for granting government backed loans, a borrower must wait only two years after discharging a bankruptcy case before he becomes eligible to apply for a mortgage under those programs.

Will you be able to obtain credit during those two years? It’s quite likely, although you’ll probably have to pay more for the privilege.

So how exactly does a bankruptcy improve credit?

It’s quite simple really. Although your credit history might show problems in the past, in the eyes of a potential lender, your future looks much brighter because you are no longer saddled with buckets of credit obligations. Those thousands of dollars in card balances are no longer a drain on your income or other resources. Furthermore, as icing on the creditor’s cake, if you receive a discharge in your Chapter 7 case, you are restricted from filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy again for eight years.

For potential lenders, you look much more creditworthy than many others, including people who have high balances who struggle to make their minimum payments each month.

So, enter that time machine and project yourself two years into the future. Would you rather have a bankruptcy on your credit report and a steadily improving credit record, or high credit balances, perhaps the occasional late payment, with no end in sight and a credit score that doesn’t look much different than it does now?

Top 10 Online Spy Shops

Normally when we hear a phrase like “spy shop” it brings forth images of underground laboratories, James Bond, and covert black ops equipment. The truth is that this so-called “spy” equipment can have far more practical purposes designed around the everyday person. Nanny cams and other forms of surveillance can be used as forms of self protection or protection for our families, so it’s no wonder that “spy” shops have increased in popularity and number in recent years. Finding a legitimate and good “spy” store however, can come with a certain amount of undercover work. There are plenty of websites offering a plethora of nifty gadgets and equipment akin to what might be issued to a ‘Mission Impossible’ cast member, but these websites are not quite what they appear. Many of them are dedicated to stealing credit card numbers or personal information for reselling purposes on the internet black market. So, to provide you with a safe shopping experience while you are ordering your spy or surveillance equipment, I have put together a top 10 listing of the best online spy shops around.

Clear View Security

Product offerings: Offering hidden cameras, voice recorders, and other listening devices, this site offers the most comprehensive listing of equipment that I have been able to find.

Additional goodies: They offer articles about why and how this equipment should be used responsibly. They also offer 100% price matching guarantees on any of their products, if you can find it cheaper, they will match the price.


Pricing: A little on the high side, many of their in house nanny cams will start at $599 and up.

Ordering information: Major credit cards accepted, they are a verified and trusted registered seller. Your information is safe and secure when ordering with Clear View.

PI Gear

Product offerings: The same equipment selection used by professional private investigators can be found here. You will find hidden cameras, tracking devices, phone surveillance and many other professional grade products, in stock and ready to ship.

Additional goodies: Free shipping worldwide.

Pricing: Low to moderate. Surveillance cameras start out at $495.

Ordering information: All major credit cards accepted through this PayPal verified and trusted seller. Orders can be placed online or by telephone. They offer same day shipping in most cases.

Spy Company

Product offerings: They offer surveillance equipment, GPS monitoring solutions, and professional locksmith instruction kits.

Additional goodies: Spy company has been featured on Dateline NBC, CNN and other trusted news organizations as showcasing some of the best spy equipment available.

Pricing: Low to moderate. Surveillance solutions start at $185 and are priced as high as $385.

Ordering information: Orders can be placed by telephone or directly online, securely. Most orders will ship the same day, and worldwide shipping is available.

Eye Supply

Product offerings: Eye supply has hands down, the largest selection of personal surveillance equipment I have seen. They offer both larger nanny cam solutions and smaller personal solutions that can fit in a pair of sunglasses. They are the authority on personal surveillance.

Additional goodies: Free consultation and support on every order, assisting you in setting up your new system and answering technical questions.

Pricing: Moderate to high. Most surveillance solutions start at $200 and will increase in price from there.

Ordering Information: Orders can be placed securely online, by telephone or fax and are backed by a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

SNK Outlet

Product Offerings: SNK focuses much more on personal surveillance equipment and protection. They offer a variety of personal surveillance cameras as well as tasers and personal alarms.

Additional goodies: This site is exceptionally well organized, and offers users an easily navigable shopping experience.

Pricing: Low to moderate. Personal solutions start at only $30.00.

Ordering Information: Order safely and securely either online or by telephone. Order tracking is provided directly on the website for your convenience.

Spy Supply Store

Product Offerings: The Spy Supply store offers a readily available selection of surveillance, lie detector, voice recording and locksmithing equipment.

Additional goodies: One of the only online retailers to offer a fidelity test.

Pricing: Moderate to high. Surveillance solutions start at $200.00

Ordering Information: Secure online orders can be placed at any time, and telephone sales are taken for several hours during each day.

Covert Spy Shop

Product Offerings: They largest retailer of wholesale spy equipment that I can find anywhere, and the largest surveillance selection on any website I have discovered to date.

Additional goodies: They are the only merchant that offers the world’s smallest, full color video camera. They also offer opportunities to resell spy equipment through their website to turn a profit.

Pricing: Low to moderate, however, they require purchases be made in bulk.

Ordering Information: Orders can be placed securely online at any time.

Spy Base

Product Offerings: Spy base offers a good selection both online and in their physical location.

Additional goodies: Special discounts are offered to Private Investigators.

Pricing: Moderate to high.

Ordering Information: Secure online ordering, ordering by telephone, and all representatives are available through published email addresses on the site for questions.

Easy Security Depot

Product Offerings: They specialize in surveillance equipment of all shapes and sizes. Ships quickly and offers easy out of the box installation.

Additional goodies: Probably the best customer service department in the surveillance business. They are very prompt and courteous when responding to questions.

Pricing: High. The least expensive surveillance solution offered is $599.

Ordering Information: Orders can be placed online or by telephone, securely, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

CCTV Imports

Product Offerings: They specialize in surveillance equipment on Closed Circuit surveillance and personal surveillance systems.

Additional goodies: One of the only spy shops offering biometric products.

Pricing: Moderate to high. Accessories are priced from $19.00.

Ordering Information: Orders can be placed online or by telephone, securely, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There are also customer service personnel available to answer questions whenever needed.

Whatever your personal security or surveillance needs, it can certainly be taken care of at one of these 10 great retailers!

The aforementioned shops are just a few that have been given as there are many others that you can come across online and for more information you can log onto https://spyphonetools.com/how-to/how-to-tell-if-your-cell-phone-is-being-tapped-or-monitored-by-spy-software/ which will give you an insight into some of the best spyware websites in existence and how to handle spy network.

Tips For Choosing Professional Welding Services

Choosing a welding service for your needs is a really important task as you need to take some really important factors into the account. You may look online for efficient and the best cheap welder online but that is not all. Here in this article, we are going to take a look at the different things that you need to consider as you choose a welding professional service.

With the help of welding professionals, you can save a lot of money and time as you can easily fabricate metal structures effectively. This is why if you have never hired any professional service you can take a look at the important factors that you should keep in your mind as you hire any professional service.

Starting with the most important aspect of hiring a professional service. Before you decide on any service provider make sure that you do a lot of research and so that you can choose a reliable, reputed, and efficient service provider. It is also important that the service provider that you choose has the proper welding equipment and gear so that he can keep himself safe during his job. 

For that, you can finalize a few suitable candidates according to your needs and thereafter you can do a background check on them. You can get in touch with their previous clients or you can do your research online and read their ratings and reviews.

Moreover, you can check if they are committed to providing quality work or not. All this is going to help you in making the right decision and choose a service provider that is genuine and authentic.

Once you are ready with all this, you can arrange a meeting with your welder and talk to him face to face. As you talk to your potential welder you can check his reviews, his profile, and his credential that will give you a fair amount of idea about his work and experience. You can ask for proof and his work credentials as well.

Besides all that, make sure that as you interview cover all the aspects of your requirement. Moreover, you should always keep in mind that fact that professional welders not only give you excellent work quality they also take all the security measures so that you get the best results

Also, you should compare the pricing of different welders that you shortlist. This will help you in deciding what you should be paying for their services and what you should expect in terms of costing and the overall expense of your project.

Lastly, once you are done with all these steps you can draft an agreement with your service provider so that you can protect yourself from any unforeseen project in the future. Along with that, you can also set a deadline for your welder as well. That way you can get your work done in a fixed time as well.

In conclusion, choosing a professional welding service is an easy task that you can complete with the help of these simple steps that are mentioned in this article.

Great Diy Tips And Hints For Installing Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling medallions installed along with a chandelier light fixture are a great way to add some architectural elegance to your home. A lot of newer homes built in the last decade don’t have a lot of accents within the rooms, so this is an easy and low-cost way to add some. The medallions, which are being manufactured today, are very light weight and made mostly out of plastic. The older style used to be made out of plaster. While these are still available for ease of installation and safety the newer plastic types are recommended for installation. An important consideration in a ceiling medallion project is to properly size the medallion to the lighting fixture that it will be used with. You generally want to select a ceiling medallion with the same approximate diameter as the light fixture where you are going to install the medallion.

The process of installation is really easy if you follow these steps:

First – turn off the breaker or electrical power to the lighting fixture. Test the fixture with an electrical tester to ensure that the power is indeed off before you begin to disassemble the fixture.

Remove the mounting plate of the lighting fixture.

Unscrew the wire nuts, pull the wires apart (making note of their locations so you can reconnect them later). Disconnect the lighting fixtures suspension chain and remove the fixture.

Next thread the wires through the hole in the very middle of the medallion. Make sure that when you do this that the decorative side isn’t facing up towards the ceiling.

Reconnect the electrical wires – being sure to put them back just as you originally disconnected them. Reconnect the fixture to its chain.

Put a ring of adhesive on the back of the medallion. You can use a good constriction adhesive (like liquid nails) or even adhesive caulk. Make sure that you don’t put too much adhesive on – or this will leave a noticeable gap around the medallion. Also make sure that you don’t put too much, because it will have a tendency to leak out around the medallion.  For helpful tools like impact driver in doing this project, you can visit https://www.impactdriverguide.co.uk/dewalt-impact-drivers.  This website offers the right impact drivers for DIY projects at home.

Press the medallion to the ceiling, making sure to keep the hole centered in the medallion. Using the provided screws or nails, attach the medallion to the ceiling.

For a finished look caulk the edge of the medallion, and fill in the screw holes with a tiny amount of Spackle. When dry, you can paint the medallion.

For safety – make sure that the lighting fixtures electrical connections are put back correctly; otherwise-personal injury or fire can result. If you have any questions about any electrical connection, it is best to consult a licensed certified electrician. Also be sure to check on local building codes. Some codes require that the electrical junction box above the light fixture be accessible at all times. If you live in an area with this requirement – just select a medallion that has a bigger center hole – so as not to cover the electrical junction box.

When finished enjoy your new bit of style with your new ceiling medallion.

Defining Business Requirements for success

Developing requirements for software development can be an interesting and revealing experience for business stakeholders, if it is approached in a creative fashion. The main prerequisites for the definition of requirements must be an open mind set and a collaborative attitude. It is possible for a project to get bogged down in the requirements phase, this can be avoided by being flexible and creative. One process that can quickly lead to conflict is an attempt by ‘requirements analysts’ to elicit a list of requirements which have to be signed off by the stakeholders. A sensible approach to requirements should use a process of discovery and should work to actively resolve conflict before it occurs.

The first step in requirements must be to find the true purpose of a proposed piece of software that is to be developed or enhanced. This is the business ‘End’ that the software satisfies, which may be a complex mix of market research or may be a more straight forward set of business goals. The goals of the system are the primary requirement and should be stated in business terms. Attempts at this stage to inject technical terminology should be avoided, for example avoid statements that say ‘Each customer must have a unique number’, when what is meant is that ‘Each customer must be uniquely identified’.

The goals of a system can be loosely classified under headings such as ‘Better’,’Faster’ and ‘Cheaper’, and the classifications can be explored to expose requirements of quality and cost effectiveness. Once these Business Requirements have been established the next steps of business analysis can take place. A new computer system will not solve issues with business process, the business process itself must be re-engineered and then a set of requirements can be put in place to implement the new process.

The project planning process can be used to control the development of requirements, there are stages that can be signed off by common agreement, this must be a joint decision between the business stakeholders and the process analysts. A sign-off of business requirements indicates that both the stakeholders and the process analysts are satisfied that the requirements are sufficient to move on to develop functional requirements which are the means of achieving the stated business goals. To meet the development goals of the organizations, the use low code application will be beneficial. For further information, a contact can be made at the https://www.wavemaker.com/low-code-app-development-platform site through the person. 

The completed business requirements will indicate the expected benefits to the business of the completed project, which will also lead to a reasonable estimate of the size of the budget for the project. Business requirements can also address the business risks, which can be taken up as part of project governance and the business case.

Business requirements are only the first step in developing or redeveloping software solutions; correctly addressed. these requirements both describe, and enable the achievement of, business goals.

The Bhrigu and His Time Less Horoscopes

Those people who have delved in astrology will know that the central pivot around which this science revolves is the Horoscope. The horoscope is a chart that lays down the planetary positions at the time of birth. It is also called the natal chart. It is divided into 12 houses; each house is supposed to represent a particular trait, phase or aspect of a human beings life. Horoscopes may be in any form but the basic principles are the same as they position the planets in the various houses at the time of birth.The saint Bhrigu is supposed to have cast all known horoscope combinations a long time ago. An aspect that has often not been given the importance it deserves is that the horoscopes cast by the saint are relevant even today. The work of the saint Bhrigu is thus the very anti thesis of western astrology.

Bhrigu is a shadowy figure and not much is known about his personal life. He perhaps lived much before the Vedic age. But he is credited with formulating horoscopes of all human beings in the universe. These horoscopes are supposed to have been cast by the saint many thousands of years ago. However only a limited number of them have survived centuries of destruction, particularly by the Muslim invadors.This aspect that anybody who lived many thousands of years back can cast a horoscope for a man living in the present age is the most difficult thing to digest. But it is a wondrous feat and as we say the proof of the pudding is in its eating so it is for the horoscopes cast by Bhrigu.

A portion of these horoscopes are available at a place in the Punjab at Hoshiarpur. This is medium sized town about 45 km from Jullundur on the Delhi Amritsar rail line. The original custodian of these horoscopes was Pandit Desraj.After his demise the horoscopes have been divided among the sons and I am sorry to say a certain amount of malpractices have crept in. Mrs. Satish Janardhanji referred to as Mataji is the principle custodian of these horoscopes and resides at Railway Mandi in Hoshiarpur.

The saint Bhrigu is supposed to have cast horoscopes for all available human beings on earth. As only a fraction have survived the ravages of time, you have to be lucky to come across your horoscope .But in case you visit Hoshiarpur and your horoscope is located the findings are nothing short of wonderous.The horoscope will detail your father’s name, your name and your sons/children’s names. It will also relate the past events in your life as well as forecast the events likely to occur in the future.

There are many people among them a lot of westerners who have visited Hoshiarpur and been lucky to find their horoscopes there. They have benefited a lot from the forecasts .It must be mentioned that the horoscopes are written in Sanskrit and they will have to read out and translated to you by the priest or custodian of the horoscopes. The procedure of locating the horoscopes is simple. When you reach the granthsthan (place where the Horoscopes are kept) you will have to hand over your birth details and place of birth. The horoscopes will then be sifted and your horoscope may be found after a few hours or even months of search. In case you are lucky you can listen to the events of your life straightaway but in case the horoscope is not found then you will have to come back later. The custodian will inform you when your horoscope is found and you can come down and listen to the revelations.

The horoscopes not only forecast the future but lay down rituals and mantras that can help ward off any evil or bad effects in the future. This again will appear anathema to a rationalist- but then astrology itself defies any rational explanation. All we can say is that this science is still to be studied and may be at some distant point in time in the future the mysteries of the Bhrigu, his forecasts and astrology will be unraveled. In the future, there will be ابراج اليوم in the life of the person if they follow the terms and words of astrology. Proper explanation should be provided to the person about the astrology and horoscope.

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