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7 Best Games For Mobile Gamers

Are you an ardent mobile gamer? It’s always fun to play games on mobile since it relieves you from an elaborate setup that you have to follow with gaming consoles. Besides, with mobile gaming, you have the perk to play your favorite on-the-go, just wherever and whenever you wish to. In one line, mobile games make gaming really simpler and more convenient. Now, being an active mobile gamer, it’s only natural that you would always be on the lookout of some of the best games for your phone. The great thing is this tier list below has brought to you some of the topmost games you will enjoy on your handset.

Idle Zoo Tycoon

Do you love to play idle games on your mobile? Well, in that case, Idle Zoo Tycoon is just the thing for you. It’s a simple yet captivating game with a very charming plot. The player here is basically a zoo manager who has to keep the zoon in best shape to ensure a steady cash flow. If you a thing for pixel graphics, you will absolutely love the game. Yes, you might find the game tad slow. But then, it’s fun gameplay compensates for that jolly good. The game is available for both Android and iOS players.

Mini Metro

Your love for puzzles would find a new dimension in this amazing mindboggling mobile game. Your task here is to build a functional subway for a fast expanding city. Although the game looks simple initially, yet random urban growth fast takes you to several exciting obstacles that will give you a solid adrenaline rush. You will need to unlock a plenty of vehicles to build your grand metro network. The cool part is the game is not restricted to one particular city. Rather, it offers as many as 20 varied cities to choose from and each city comes with its own unique appeal.

Stickman Hook

You have a simple yet very engaging game here which will keep you hooked to the screen for hours. What you would have to do here is to tap on your mobile screen to hook points that will further help you bypass obstacles. More you can avoid those blockages, easier would be your road to the final course. Advanced levels will treat you with more speed as well as more interesting challenges. It’s certainly a great game for iOS players.

Madden NFL

Are you a die-hard football fan? How about taking your soccer love on your mobile screen? Yes, there are plenty of football games out there but this one is truly one-of-a-kind. Unlike many other football games, the gamer is not really a football player. Rather he is endowed with the role of head coach and general manager who will have to build a solid football team that will win the NFL championships. You will love its easy controls and amazing graphics. In fact, according to gamers, Madden NFL is claimed to sport possibly the best-in-class graphics among all other NFL games.

Minecraft Earth

Are you a Minecraft loyalist? Well, you will be delighted to know that the Minecraft team now has brought an amazing game for your mobile phone so that you enjoy the number even while on-the-go. The coolest part is Minecraft Earth is amped up with AR technology to ensure a more realistic experience for the players. In tabletop mode, the game enables players to build as well as plan awesome creations which would be blown up into real-world sizes for further exploration. Your buddies can join in the game with you as well and help to create truly unique mobs such as moobloom or muddy pig.

Shadowgun Legends

If you are fond of both RPG and shooter games, you can of course give this game a try. The game is themed around a bustling central hub, lined by neon lights. The hub comprises of lots of establishments, including casino, stores, bars as well as a series of shady people who have got some very exciting missions for you. As part of your missions, you would have to rob gears, sell them to purchase more gear as well as amp up your power as a hardy mercenary. You will glad to know the game allows easy customizations as well. So, if you are one of those who always like things their way, this is a fantastic game.


Oceanhorn is a visually stunning gameplay which is sure to captivate you with its awesome visuals and powerful narrative and certainly gorgeous graphics. In regards to the plot, you have a solid adventure game here set in the archaic realm of Arcadia. It’s a RPG number that keeps the players engaged with amazing puzzles, enticing guests, chests full of treasure and a dose of magic!

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