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2019- The Year In Review Of The Best Online Games

We all have so any interesting memories of childhood and it is difficult to single out the best or even compile a list of best 10, 50 or even 1000. It is the best and most innocent phase of life when everything is smooth as pie and nothing can replace those times.

But why is it so interesting? What aspect of childhood makes it so memorable that everyone is mesmerized by it? Why does everyone want to talk about it or recall it all the time?

Well, aside from being innocent, it is the time when there is no tension or stress that has to be dealt with and parents take care of our needs and desires. There is nothing to worry or fret about.

The mind is completely engrossed in toys, video games, comic books, chocolates and sleep. It is the time when you get to rule the house and the parents act as your subjects.

Gradually as time passes, the golden era of childhood too passes away and we are introduced to the harsh realities of life and what all challenges that lie ahead regarding the future.

But, that is a discussion for another day and today it will be about the best thing that makes our childhood enjoyable. Now, for children, it is difficult to choose and we are all spoilt for choice but if forced to pick one, generally everyone would choose games.

Wait, that is for the generation of 80s and 90s while we are in 2020. So today’s generation can never get to understand those golden times. It is digital media age today and everything has come up online.

During the 2000s and 2010s, there came about a lot of games that the kids got to enjoy and continue to do so even today. There is no specific time period for games and it has been seen to be enjoyed by people of all age groups.

One that is considered a favorite of many kids is the grand theft auto which turned out to be the most prominent of all in the past decade and has acquired cult status as of today.

Another one is the mind sharpening but grossly underrated connect 4 online, a brilliant game that enhances the memory power of young lads and it has been found out that if kids start playing it right from childhood, they are found to be quite focused on their studies and can solve out difficult math problems quickly. Connect 4 is not so easy but it isn’t rocket science either as all that is required is a bit of concentration and patience.

It is can be considered a combination of chess and tic tac toe, as it requires acute focus and the result is quite similar to the latter. It requires a bit of strategic planning and understanding your opponent’s moves.

Today we are going to list out 20 of the best games that came out in 2019 and they are as follows:

  1. Sayonara Wild Hearts
  2. Disco Elysium
  3. Call of duty: Modern warfare
  4. Apex legends
  5. Resident evil
  6. Control
  7. Luigi mansion
  8. Goose game
  9. Star Wars: Fallen order
  10. Connect 4
  11. Sekiro shadows
  12. Death stranding
  13. Devil may cry
  14. Outer wilds
  15. Fire emblem
  16. Metro exodus
  17. Pokemon sword
  18. Mortal Kombat 11
  19. Super Mario 2
  20. Tetris 99

In conclusion, these are the ones that have come into the top 20 list of 2019. So what are you waiting for, just grab onto your favorite one and relive your childhood once again.

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