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10 Tips For New Travel Nurses

Buy a Laptop 

Contacting recruiters online can save you time and money. Most travel nurses use the internet to find jobs, locations and check the reputation of the hospital. 

Travel Nursing is a Business 

You’ll learn about contracts, negotiating rates, locations and travel. Your recruiter’s job is to put her company first and she will. You’ll develop a close relationship because of the nature of the job but it’s still a business relationship. 

Safety Issues 

Always be cautious when traveling, going to and from work and while living at your new apartment. Sometimes we’re the talk of the town and news travels fast. Gossip may not always fall on honest ears. 


Back Up Money 

You’ll need at least $500 at your disposal for emergencies. Rental cars, hotels and apartments have been known to fall through at the last minute. 

Pay Issues 

You’ll need an education for this and I’m not talking CEU’s here. Hourly wages are fine to compare but once you add in per diem wages, it’s a different story. 

When in Rome 

Nursing procedures are done differently depending on what locale you are. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Keep an open mind and go with the flow. Give yourself adjustment time before you start teaching them the right way! 

Think Simplicity 

You’ll be traveling either by auto or airplane. You’re allowed two suitcases and a carry on via air. Have you attempted to pack your daily necessities in a suitcase or two? I would advise you to make a prioritized list. You can always chop it down to a realistic amount once you start packing. Traveling can be exhausting even though it’s exciting. 

The Interview 

The interview will be different than any you’ve experienced to take a staff job. Most of the time they simply ask, “When can you be here?” 

This is your chance to interview them. You’ll find different situations when traveling the country. One hospital may say their census is high but to another it would be gravy. Always get the numbers. 


Bill Paying – Banking 

Another reason to have a laptop is for online banking. The more details you can handle online, the more time you’ll have to see the sights. 

How Will You Manage Loneliness? 

Travel nursing is an exciting career but there are a few disadvantages. One is being without friends and family to lend emotional support. You’ll find people to chum around with on assignment but it isn’t like going shopping with your best friend. 

Travel nursing is an exciting career. You’ll see places you’ve only dreamed of, meet friends across the country and learn more than you could imagine. Like any other change in career, you need to prepare before you leave for your destination. Read more of my articles on travel nursing to gain practical tips and a few words of wisdom. 

In conclusion, these trips may be illuminating but they are quite hectic and tend to take it out of you as it involves rigorous traveling with constant pain in the joints, not mention handling the patients’ tantrums, which require a great deal of patience and perseverance to go through and the older ones make it an interesting term to coin: senior trips. 

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